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solo show judith fegerl ⎟ kunstraum dornbirn

february 24 - june 18, 2023

"Twelve years ago, Judith Fegerl temporarily deprived a Viennese art space of its electricity: She removed all sockets, lights and switches, exposing the cables, wires and fixtures that otherwise form the hidden operational substructure of the building. With a focus on energy in various forms, Judith Fegerl operates in various media and conceptual works on the central supply organ of modern civilization. She hides nothing, reveals everything. She builds functioning systems that use the potential and the infrastructure of the place analytically and constructively. For her exhibition "on/" Fegerl is working on new sculptural as well as two-dimensional works and objects that deal with space in a site-specific manner in two ways, namely architecturally and historically…" on

Kunstraum Dornbirn im Stadtgarten Dornbirn
Jahngasse 9
A - 6850 Dornbirn

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